THE TAITTINGER SUITE: This two story owners’ suite includes two fireplaces, a private loft sitting room, two master bathrooms, and its own office. The champagne decor and satin accents makes this suite a favorite among brides-to be. $2000. ++

DON QUIXOTE: Named after the character in the classic novel and referencing Noel Hentschel’s father, Ken Irwin, and his property La Mancha Villas, this private suite is a favorite. It has a separate sitting room with fireplace, king bed, two bathrooms, and French doors. It accesses a private, secluded garden and patio. $1500. ++

CARTIER SUITE: Warm burgundy tones and a mahogany fireplace mantle highlight this masculine suite, which features a large Carrara marble bath. $1000. ++

CHANEL SUITE: The famous French designer Coco Chanel was the inspiration behind the suite’s gray satin decor. A fireplace, centered between bay windows, overlooks the lawns below and graces the only double-bedded suite within the Chateau. $1000. ++

WEDGEWOOD SUITE: The Hentschels’ initial China pattern was the inspiration for the white and soft blue interior fabrics and the marble, wood-burning fireplace. $800. ++

POLO SUITE: With its own private hallway of polo memorabilia, this accommodation was formerly four rooms set aside for the service help. Now one large room, the decor in the suite is influenced by the iconic American designer, Ralph Lauren. $800. ++

VENETIAN SUITE: This suite is perfect for a romantic getaway with its canopied king-sized bed, a balcony overlooking the pool and gardens, and the privacy of a separate entrance. $800. ++

DONG KINGMAN SUITE: Named for the late Chinese watercolorist and frequent visitor, this suite features peaches and cream décor and his artwork displayed on the walls. The Hentschels are one of the most prolific collectors of Kingman originals. $600. ++

Taittinger Suite Loft

Taittinger Suite Bedroom

Don Quixote






Dong Kingman