Carmel Valley is a lovely place, filled with nature’s beauties and man-made attractions. Here are some fun things to do in Carmel Valley. A hotspot of natural activity and a beautiful hiking spot, it is extremely popular with vacationers. Later visit Carmel River Beach and soak in the relaxing sights and sounds at the river bed. Enjoy peaceful and scenic drives at along the Seventeen Mile drives. This Seventeen Mile drive follows the rocky coastal shore between Carmel and Pacific Grove. The views here can contest to being some of the best in the World! Enjoy local cuisine at the various restaurants along the way. Go and soak in the atmosphere at the lovely wineries that abound in scenic Carmel Valley. Some of the most visited vineyards and wineries include Galante Vineyards, Joullian Vineyards and Winery, and Bernadus Winery and Vineyards. If you are one of the more adventurous types, then drop off your bags and head over to Garland Ranch Regional Park. This is a famous hiking spot. Be sure to enjoy your time with a large group and an instructor if this is your first time here! And if your tastes are more towards enjoying the nightlife, then head over to Running Irons, a quirkily named but extremely popular joint! Visit the Lover’s Point or Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary to feel the peace and quiet so rare in cities these days. Whale watching tours, visiting the Point Pinos Lighthouse, the Monterey Bay Aquarium are some of the more sedate pleasures that Monterey offers. Enjoy an entire day with your family at these places. The Carmel Valley Community Park is another place you can enjoy with your entire family. It caters to each person’s need and is a fun place to be! And if you like hot springs, Tassaraja Hot Springs is the place for you! A huge attraction among the locals, it is not for the faint-hearted! Carmel Valley has something for everyone. Have fun, relax and enjoy your holiday! This entry was posted in Blog, California and tagged california, carmel valley hotel, fun, hotel, inns, resorts. Bookmark the permalink. Wine Tours → • • •

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